Volume 6.46 | Nov 14

Volume 6.46, November 14, 2005
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Top Stories

Major EU Grant to Develop Cancer-fighting Cells: A pre-clinical research project coordinated by The University of Manchester, which will advance understanding of how cancer cells evade the immune system, has been awarded nearly €12m by the EU. The European Union Framework Programme (FP6) will enable doctors to improve ‘T-cell mediated immunotherapy’, which has the potential to fight a broad range of cancers.

Member of Hwang Team Involved in Ovum Scandal: Roh Sung-il, head of an infertility clinic at Mizmedi Women’s Hospital in Seoul, Tuesday said he conducted artificial insemination with illegally traded ova.


Robot Assisted Stem Cell Therapy a First in Thailand
In a historic operation, surgeons at Bangkok Heart Hospital performed Thailand’s first robot-assisted cardiac stem cell implantation on October 27, 2005.

New Immunotherapy Approach Helps To Restore Cancer Patients’ Immune System After High-Dose Chemotherapy
A new form of immunotherapy, which combines a vaccine with an infusion of a person’s own T cells engineered in the laboratory, helps to restore cancer patients’ ability to fight infection after high-dose chemotherapy.

Group Proves It’s Possible To Grow New Lung Alveoli By Growing New Blood Vessels
The results of Dr. Thébaud and a team of University of Alberta researchers work were recently published in Circulation, entitled Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Gene Therapy Increases Survival, Promotes Lung Angiogenesis, and Prevents Alveolar Damage in Hyperoxia-Induced Lung Injury: Evidence That Angiogenesis Participates in Alveolarization.

Capital’s Royal Infirmary to Pioneer Live Liver Transplants
Live liver transplants are to be carried out at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in a UK first.

Apply for a National Blood Foundation Scientific Research Grant Applications
The National Blood Foundation is now accepting scientific research grant applications from early-career researchers in transfusion medicine and blood banking. This national grant program annually awards grants for one or two-year research projects, with a maximum award per grant of $65,000.


Clonal Populations of Chondrocytes with Progenitor Properties Identified within Human Articular Cartilage
This study demonstrates that existing subpopulations of cells with chondroprogenitor properties can be isolated from human adult articular cartilage using agarose suspension cultures.

Dendritic Cells Fused with Allogeneic Colorectal Cancer Cell Line Present Multiple Colorectal Cancer-Specific Antigens and Induce Antitumor Immunity against Autologous Tumor Cells
The fusion of allogeneic colorectal carcinoma cell line and autologous dendritic cells could have potential applicability to the field of antitumor immunotherapy through the cross-priming against shared tumor antigens and provides a platform for adoptive immunotherapy.

Protection of Esophageal Multi-lineage Progenitors of Squamous Epithelium (Stem Cells) from Ionizing Irradiation by Manganese Superoxide Dismutase-plasmid/liposome (MnSOD-PL) Gene Therapy
MnSOD-PL gene therapy protects esophageal SP cells from irradiation in vitro and in vivo.

Self-correction of Chromosomally Abnormal Embryos in Culture and Implications for Stem Cell Production
Chromosome self-normalization occurs in a significant proportion of chromosomally abnormal embryos, possibly because of the loss of a chromosome in trisomic cells after blastocyst stage.


S.Korea Cracks Down on Human Egg Brokers
South Korean police have made their first arrest under a new bioethics law, capturing a man they suspect illegally sold human eggs to infertile couples in South Korea and Japan, a police spokesman said on Monday.

Alberta Wants Ontario, Other Provinces, to Pay for Islet Transplant Surgery
Some of the sickest diabetics in Canada are finding relief through islet transplant surgery in Edmonton, but to date their provincial governments have refused to pay for the costly procedure, leaving the local health authority with millions of dollars in bills.


AnorMED Reports Progress on Mozobil Study
AnorMED has reported that additional clinical trial sites have been added to the company’s Mozobil Phase III clinical trials. AnorMED is also recruiting patients into five Phase II trials for Mozobil, including trials in Germany and Canada, and plans to initiate one new Phase II trial by the end of 2005.

Stem Cell Therapeutics and Medicon Get Approval to Begin Stroke Drug Study
Stem Cell Therapeutics (SCT) and Medicon have received approval to begin the Phase I clinical study in SCT’s NTx-265 program for the treatment of stroke. The Danish Medicines Agency (DMA) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) have both responded to the study protocol submission with written consent.

ProtoKinetix AAGP(TM) Cosmetic Applications Enhanced by Preservation of Adult Skin Cells
ProtoKinetix, Inc. (OTCBB:PKTX) announces today that further tests of the effect of AAGP(TM) on skin cells demonstrate an ability to maintain and preserve the viability of adult skin cells.

RenaMed Biologics Reports Positive Phase II Data With Renal Bio-Replacement Therapy; Phase II study results show improved survival rates in patients with Acute Renal Failure
RenaMed Biologics, Inc. (RenaMed(TM)) reported today at the American Society of Nephrology preliminary positive findings from a Phase II, controlled randomized study of its Renal Bio-Replacement Therapy to treat patients with acute renal failure (ARF or acute kidney injury).

Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.’s INGN 241 Works Synergistically With Celebrex(R) To Kill Breast Cancer Cells
Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: INGN) today reported the publication of preclinical data demonstrating that INGN 241 works synergistically with celecoxib (Celebrex(R)) marketed by Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) to inhibit the growth and increase apoptosis (cell death) of breast cancer cells.

New Clinical Trial to Begin for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Using Argos’ Personalized Dendritic Cell Vaccine
Immunotherapy pioneer Argos Therapeutics in conjunction with Toronto-based DC Bio Corp., announced that a clinical trial for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is scheduled to begin in Q1 2006 using Argos’s proprietary RNA-loaded dendritic cell vaccine technology.

Vical Incorporated Receives $1 Million Payment From Merck & Co., Inc. On Start Of Cancer DNA Vaccine Trial
Vical Incorporated announced today the receipt of a $1.0 million milestone payment from Merck & Co., Inc. based on Merck’s initiation of a Phase I clinical trial of a DNA cancer vaccine.

ThermoGenesis And Medtronic, Inc. Sign Thrombin Processing Device(TM) (TPD(TM)) Agreement
ThermoGenesis Corp. announced today that the Company has signed a worldwide OEM Supply Agreement with Medtronic, Inc. Under the agreement, ThermoGenesis Corp. will supply its TPD to Medtronic for sale by Medtronic.

Vitro Announces Advances in Its Stem Cell Technology
Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (OTC BB: VODG), dba Vitro Biopharma, announced completion of significant milestones in the development of its stem cell technology for use in diabetes treatment.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Sees Completion of New Stem Cell Cryogenic Labs in December
Bio-Matrix’ new 15,000 sq. ft. facility, located in the heart of the San Diego biotechnology corridor, is currently in the process of being upgraded in order to house the Company’s state-of-the-art secure Cryogenic Stem Cell Bank, 3 Research labs, aseptic cellular/tissue processing rooms, hematology, microbiology and flow cytometry laboratories.

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (SIAL) Names Jai Nagarkatti Chief Executive Officer Effective January 1, 2006
The Sigma-Aldrich Corporation’s Board of Directors announced today the appointment of Jai Nagarkatti, 58, (President and Chief Operating Officer) as President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1, 2006.

Transgenic Software Releases Technical White Paper for its Flagship Product Villager Transgenic Animal Management System
Villager Transgenic Animal Management Systems colony management module, integrates the best practices of transgenic science with the advanced tools of computer science to assist research companies in the discovery process.



Request for Information (RFI): Standards for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (NOT-OD-06-011)

Notice of Information on Human Cancer Biospecimen Collections: Request for Information (NOT-CA-06-002)

Training in Translational Research in Neurobiology of Disease (T32) (RFA-DA-06-008)


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Medical Device Notification: Transfer Set with 150 Micron Filter- Charter Medical Ltd


Food & Drug Administration (United States of America)

Draft Guidance for Industry on Gene Therapy Clinical Trials-Observing Participants for Delayed Adverse Events; Availability. Pages 49296-49297 [FR Doc. 05-16629]


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