Volume 6.26 | Jun 20

Volume 6.26, June 20, 2005
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Top Stories

Story: Researchers Create Way to Generate Brain Cells in Lab

Story: Arteries Bio-Engineered From Elderly Cells


Australia Scientists Make Blood From Human Stem Cells
Australian scientists say they have found a way to make blood cells in volume out of human master cells, which could eventually lead to production of safe blood cells for transfusions and organ transplants.

Stem Cells Found In Cerebellum; Possible Cell of Origin for Childhood Brain Tumors
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have discovered the presence of stem cells in the cerebellum, a brain region where a deadly type of brain tumor originates. 

Most Common Lung Cancers May Begin in Newly Discovered Cells
The most common form of lung cancer may begin in a group of newly isolated lung stem cells, according to researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Transplantation of Spermatogonial Stem Cells Isolated from Leukemic Mice Restores Fertility without Inducing Leukemia
In a study appearing online on June 16 in advance of print publication in the July 1 issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Akira Tsujimura and colleagues from Osaka University describe a way in which healthy germ cells, including spermatogonial stem cells, can be distinguished and completely separated from leukemic cells in mice, and then harvested and preserved.

Parkinson’s Jab Tests ‘Promising’
Scientists trying to find a way to beat Parkinson’s disease are reporting promising tests of a vaccine in mice.

Parents Believe Umbilical Cord Blood Injections Help Their Son with Cerebral Palsy, But Doctors Warn of Ethics Violations, Faulty Science
Since receiving the stem cell therapy, the Sussers said Adam has been able to do something a Miami doctor deemed impossible – see.

Humanized Antibody Offers Hope in Ulcerative Colitis
A humanized antibody that targets immune cells in the gut appears to offer relief for people with active ulcerative colitis.

Stem Cell Training Program to Make its Stanford Debut; Talks to Be Given by Noted Korean Researcher, British Scientist Who Cloned Sheep and Chair of California Stem Cell Institute
For the first time ever, an advanced training program that teaches how to create and maintain embryonic stem cell lines will be offered outside of the University of Pittsburgh, where it originated in 2003.

Embryonic Stem Cell Cures a Long Way Off, Experts Warn
A leading British medical journal has published an editorial warning against the “hype” surrounding recent advances in stem cell research.

Another Successful Implant: Opportunity Knocks for Major New Cell Therapy Research Centre
Recognised cellular expert doctor Eduardo Anitua is planning to build a pioneering training and research centre in Armentia to develop his discoveries.


Bystander Effect-mediated Gene Therapy of Gliomas Using Genetically Engineered Neural Stem Cells

Identification of Expandable Human Hepatic Progenitors which Differentiate into Mature Hepatic Cells in Vivo

Modulating Gene Expression in Stem Cells without Recombinant DNA and Permanent Genetic Modification

Myocardial Restoration with Embryonic Stem Cell Bioartificial Tissue Transplantation

Patient-Specific Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Human SCNT Blastocysts


German Chancellor Backs Stem-cell Research
Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has publicly endorsed easing Germany’s restrictive law on stem-cell research, saying the country risks being left behind.



Advanced Cell Technology Expands Senior Scientific Team into California
Michael West, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer of A.C.T. Holdings, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (collectively, “ACT”) announced today the expansion of ACT’s senior scientific team with the addition of senior scientists that will add to the existing California team.

AmCyte to Announce Advances in Adult Stem Cell Regenerated Islet Program at the International Society for Stem Cell Research 3rd Annual Meeting
AmCyte Inc., a leader in encapsulated islet replacement and pancreatic adult stem cells, will present results from its Adult Stem Cell Regenerated Islet Program at the 3rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Stem Cell Research, taking place in San Francisco, June 23-25, 2005.

CalbaTech LifeStem Files for Stem Cell Delivery Device Patent
CalbaTech, a life sciences company concentrating on providing products and platforms to the research market for biotech and pharmaceutical companies and to academic institutions, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, LifeStem, has filed a U.S. patent application for its Stem Cell Delivery Device.

ChondroGene Inc. Enters Into Clinical Collaborations With Two Malaysian Hospitals
ChondroGene Limited announced today that it has entered into clinical collaborations with Lam Wah EE Hospital and Island Hospital, two leading hospitals in Penang, Malaysia.

Immunomedics, Inc. Awarded U.S. And Australian Patents For Autoimmune Disease Therapy With CD22 Antibodies
Immunomedics, Inc. , a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on developing monoclonal antibodies, today announced that it has received notices that the U.S. and Australian patent offices have allowed claims in respective patent applications covering methods for treating a wide range of autoimmune diseases using monoclonal antibodies that bind to the CD22 antigen present on B-lymphocytes.

MultiCell Technologies and XenoTech LLC Jointly Announce Shrink Wrap Vial Sales Launch for Immortalized Hepatocytes
MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: MCET), a leading supplier of immortalized non-tumorgenic human hepatocytes as pharmaceutical candidate optimization tools, announced sales of the Fa2N-4 hepatocytes in shrink-wrapped vials.


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