Volume 6.17 | Apr 18

Volume 6.17, April 18, 2005
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Top Stories

Story: Breakthrough Isolating Embryo-quality Stem Cells from Blood

Story: New Method May Be Alternative to Gene Therapy


Breakthrough in Stem Cell Research: Australians Develop Three Clones From Human Embryonic Stem Cells
“This cloning of cells involves a new technique, which is a very accurate way of extracting and then growing a single cell,” said UNSW Senior Lecturer Dr Kuldip Sidhu, who is leading the research and is based at the Diabetes Transplant Unit (DTU) at the Prince of Wales Hospital, a major teaching hospital of UNSW. “There has only been one report of cloning of cells from human embryonic stem cells anywhere else in the world – in Israel.”

Cardiac Stem Cells Come Closer to Clinic
The laboratory of MDA grantee Kenneth Chien at the University of California-San Diego announced in a recent issue of Nature that its researchers have discovered in the hearts of mice, rats and humans a new type of stem cell that can become a mature cardiac cell.

Mouse with Designer Liver has Enhanced Glucose Tolerance and Improved Insulin Response

Gene Therapy for Tumors, Including Gliomas
Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have discovered a way to overcome one of the major hurdles in gene therapy for cancer: its tendency to kill normal cells in the process of eradicating cancer cells.

Gene Transplanted in Experimental Therapy Procedure
An experimental and controversial form of “genetic therapy” involving transplanting a gene in the body of the patient was recently administered to a heart patient at Petah Tikva’s Beilinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center.

Researcher Grows New Insulin-secreting Beta Cells from Pancreatic Tissue
The treatment caused primitive “precursor” cells in the islets – known as ductal cells – to develop into beta cells, increasing overall beta cell mass and boosting insulin levels within the islets.

Antibodies May Help Alzheimer’s, Study Finds
Antibodies that attack the protein believed responsible for Alzheimer’s disease may offer a new way to treat the brain-destroying illness, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday.

RNAi Consortium Unites Big Pharma and Academia
Investigators from three major pharmaceutical firms – Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly & Co., and Novartis AG – are joining forces with the Broad Institute and other leading academic centers to create the RNA Interference (RNAi) Consortium.

Researcher Takes Stem Cell Research Another Step
Treena Arinzeh, a young professor who last year won a Presidential Award, the nation’s highest scientific honor, is bringing the promise of stem cell research one step closer to reality.

Tissue Engineering to Grow Bone, Ligaments and Cartilage
A future in which laboratory-grown organs and stimulated growth of muscle, bones and nerves could play a major role in treating medical conditions was revealed at a recent Tissue Engineering Symposium at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

Cells That Go Back in Time
Lop off a newt’s leg or tail, and it will grow a new one. The creature’s cells can regenerate thanks to built-in time machines that revert cells to early versions of themselves in a process called dedifferentiation.


Adult Stem Cell Lines in Regenerative Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

Designing Babies: What the Future Holds

Effects of Medium Composition on the Production of Plasmid DNA Vector Potentially for Human Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy in the Management of Oral Cancer: A Review of Recent Developments

Muscle Stem Cells and Exercise Training


Pell Hails Stem Cell Discovery
Catholic Archbishop George Pell will refer to Rome an Australian scientific breakthrough that could make obsolete the moral and ethical debate surrounding embryonic stem cell research.

Stem Cell Institute Committee to Consider Finalists for Headquarters Site
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) will hold the first of three public hearings Wednesday on where its permanent headquarters should be.

Cord Blood Stem Cells – Institute of Medicine Advisory
Establishing a National Cord Blood Bank Program, a new congressionally mandated report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, proposes a structure for a fully coordinated, national cord blood bank program.


Argos Therapeutics Announces Initiation of Melanoma Vaccine Trial
Argos Therapeutics has announced the start of a clinical trial using a novel personalized melanoma vaccine based on the company’s proprietary technology. The product is made from the patient’s own tumor RNA and immune cells and Argos says it is the first of its kind to be developed for melanoma.

HepaLife Surpasses Research Objectives: Continues to Advance Optimization of Proprietary Liver Cell Line for Final Use in Artificial Liver Device

Lipid Sciences, Inc. Presents Latest Viral Immunotherapy Data at Keystone Symposium

QLT Announces Senior Management Changes; Chief Financial Officer Stepping Down

Seattle Genetics, Protein Design Labs In License Pact
Seattle Genetics Inc. licensed exclusive rights to a potential anti-cancer therapy from Protein Design Labs Inc.

Targeted Genetics Announces Breakthrough Research on Huntington’s Disease
Targeted Genetics has announced that Beverly Davidson of the University of Iowa published encouraging preclinical results for a potential treatment of Huntington’s disease (HD).


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A Shift in Cancer Immunotherapy Strategies?
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Future Perspectives in Cancer Immunotherapy
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NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts – Week Of April 15, 2005


NICHD Administrative Supplements for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (NOT-HD-05-011)

Modifications to NHLBI Policy for Distribution of Data from Clinical Trials and Epidemiology Studies (NOT-HL-05-115)

Stem Cells and Cancer- Program Announcement (PA-05-086)


Submission and Resolution of Formal Disputes Regarding the Timeliness of Premarket Review of a Combination Product– Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff

Recall of Platelet Sampling Device (Charter Medical Ltd)

Assessing Donor Suitability and Blood Product Safety in Cases of Known or Suspected West Nile Virus Infection- Draft Guidance for Industry

2005 Biological Approvals – Update

Fast Track Designation Request Performance – Update

RAPS 2005 West Coast Conference – Slides



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