Volume 14.17 | May 6

Issue 14.17 May 6, 2013
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Epilepsy Cured in Mice Using Brain Cells
University of California, San Francisco scientists controlled seizures in epileptic mice with a one-time transplantation of medial ganglionic eminence cells, which inhibit signaling in overactive nerve circuits, into the hippocampus, a brain region associated with seizures, as well as with learning and memory. Other researchers had previously used different cell types in rodent cell transplantation experiments and failed to stop seizures. [Press release from ScienceDaily discussing online prepublication in Nature Neuroscience]
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Functional Maturation of hPSC-Derived Forebrain Interneurons Requires an Extended Timeline and Mimics Human Neural Development
Researchers report the directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) into medial ganglionic eminence (MGE)-like progenitors and their maturation into forebrain type interneurons. Both in vitro and posttransplantation into the rodent cortex, the MGE-like cells develop into GABAergic interneuron subtypes with mature physiological properties along a prolonged intrinsic timeline of up to seven months, mimicking endogenous human neural development. [Cell Stem Cell] Abstract | Graphical Abstract | Press Release

Mining Exomic Sequencing Data to Identify Mutated Antigens Recognized by Adoptively Transferred Tumor-Reactive T Cells
To evaluate the potential association between the ability of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes to mediate durable regressions and their ability to recognize potent antigens that presumably include mutated gene products, researchers developed a new screening approach involving mining whole-exome sequence data to identify mutated proteins expressed in patient tumors. [Nat Med] Abstract

3D Printed Bionic Ears
Researchers generated a bionic ear via 3D printing of a cell-seeded hydrogel matrix in the precise anatomic geometry of a human ear, along with an intertwined conducting polymer consisting of infused silver nanoparticles. This allowed for the in vitro culturing of cartilage tissue around an inductive coil antenna in the ear, which subsequently connects to cochlear-like electrodes. The printed ear exhibits enhanced auditory sensing for radio frequency reception, and complementary left and right ears can listen to stereo audio music. [Nano Lett] Abstract | Press Release

T Cells Expressing a Chimeric Antigen Receptor That Binds Hepatitis B Virus Envelop Proteins Control Virus Replication in Mice
In mice, scientists studied whether redirected T cells can engraft following adoptive transfer, without prior T-cell depletion, and whether the large amounts of circulating viral antigens inactivate the transferred T cells or lead to uncontrolled, immune-mediated damage. [Gastroenterology] Abstract

Highly Elastic Micropatterned Hydrogel for Engineering Functional Cardiac Tissue
Microfabrication techniques were applied to recombinant human tropoelastin, the resilience-imparting protein found in all elastic human tissues, to generate photocrosslinked biological materials containing well-defined micropatterns. The micropatterned hydrogels, produced through photocrosslinking of methacrylated tropoelastin, promote the attachment, spreading, alignment, function, and intercellular communication of cardiomyocytes by providing an elastic mechanical support that mimics their dynamic mechanical properties in vivo. [Adv Funct Mater] Abstract | Press Release

Cellular Immunotherapy for Carcinoma Using Genetically Modified EGFR-Specific T Lymphocytes
The anti-cancer potential of anti-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) scFv was investigated based on cell-targeted therapy. A chimeric antigen receptor targeting EGFR was constructed and expressed on the cell membrane of T lymphocytes. These CAR-modified T cells demonstrated anti-tumor efficacy both in vitro and in vivo. [Neoplasia] Abstract | Full Article

Role of Pericytes in Skeletal Muscle Regeneration and Fat Accumulation
Skeletal muscle from Nestin-GFP/NG2-DsRed mice show two types of pericytes, Nestin-GFP-/NG2-DsRed+ (type-1) and Nestin-GFP+/NG2-DsRed+ (type-2), in close proximity to endothelial cells. Type-2 pericytes participate in muscle regeneration, while type-1 contribute to fat accumulation. Transplantation studies indicate that type-1 pericytes do not form muscle in vivo, but contribute to fat deposition in the skeletal muscle, while type-2 pericytes contribute only to the new muscle formation after injury, but not to the fat accumulation. [Stem Cells Dev] Abstract | Press Release

Specificity Redirection by CAR with Human VEGFR-1 Affinity Endows T Lymphocytes with Tumor-Killing Ability and Anti-Angiogenic Potency
Investigators generated chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-modified T lymphocytes with human vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 (VEGFR-1) specificity (V-1 CAR) by electroporation. The adoptive transfer of V-1 CAR T lymphocytes delayed tumor growth and formation and inhibited pulmonary metastasis in xenograft models and such efficacies were enhanced by cotransfer of T lymphocytes that expressed interleukin-15. [Gene Ther] Abstract

NKG2D CAR T-Cell Therapy Inhibits the Growth of NKG2D Ligand Heterogeneous Tumors
Researchers showed that adoptive transfer of T cells bearing a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) inhibited the growth of target-expressing and -deficient tumor cells within ovarian and lymphoma tumors. [Immunol Cell Biol] Abstract

Generation of Integration-Free and Region-Specific Neural Progenitors from Primate Fibroblasts
Postnatal and adult human and monkey fibroblasts were infected with Sendai virus containing the Yamanaka factors for 24 hours, then they were cultured in a chemically defined medium containing leukemia inhibitory factor, transforming growth factor-β inhibitor SB431542, and glycogen synthase kinase-3β inhibitor CHIR99021 at 39°C for inactivation of the virus. Induced neural progenitor (iNP) colonies appeared as early as day 13 and can be expanded for >20 passages. Following transplantation into the forebrain, the iNP-derived cells retained the hindbrain identity. [Cell Reports] Abstract | Graphical Abstract | Press Release

Directed Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells - A Cell Stem Cell Poster

Regulation of Stem Cell Therapies Under Attack in Europe: For Whom the Bell Tolls
In this commentary, the authors discuss why only rigorous science and rigorous regulation can ensure translation of science into effective therapies rather than into ineffective market products, and mark, at the same time, the sharp distinction between the striving for new therapies and the deceit of patients. [EMBO J]
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Researchers Encouraged by Results from First American Clinical Trial for Stem Cell-Based Treatment of ALS
Researchers who completed the first American clinical trial involving stem cell-based treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) were encouraged by the trial study’s results, noting that this delivery approach could be a helpful therapeutic approach for other traumatic spine-related problems. [Press release from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) discussing research presented at the 81st AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans] Press Release

Researchers Find Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Treatment Improves Functional Outcome, Helps Repair Biostructural Damage from Traumatic Brain Injury
Researchers presented results showing the positive impact that bone marrow stromal cell therapy can have for those suffering from certain types of traumatic brain injuries. [Press release from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) discussing research presented at the 81st AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans] Press Release

Phase I Trial Results of Neural Stem Cell Transplantation Encouraging Those Suffering from Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease; Could Also Have Application for Wide Range of Neurological-Related Conditions
Research findings showed that human central nervous system stem cells (HuCNS-SC) foster myelin formation following HuCNS-SC transplantation. [Press release from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) discussing research presented at the 81st AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans] Press Release

11th Annual International Cord Blood Symposium | San Francisco


Obama Promises to Protect Peer Review in Salute to NAS
President Barack Obama found an appreciative audience at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS), where he delivered a speech celebrating the august body’s 150th anniversary. In addition to touting his administration’s support for research, Obama took an oblique swipe at political adversaries in Congress who want to require the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies to adopt new grant funding criteria. [President Barack Obama, United States] Press Release

Italy Appoints New Research Minister
A bioengineer has been appointed minister of education, universities, and research in Italy’s newly formed government. Maria Chiara Carrozza, 47, is a professor at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa and a member of Parliament for the center-left Democratic Party, which is about to lead a new government formed as a result of February elections. [Minister of Education, Universities, and Research, Italy] Press Release

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Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology’s “InBreath” Scaffold and Bioreactor Used in First U.S. Transplant of a Regenerated Trachea: Surgery Successfully Implanted Trachea into Two-Year-Old
Harvard Bioscience, Inc. announced that the “InBreath” tracheal scaffold and bioreactor system manufactured by Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc., its wholly owned regenerative medicine technology subsidiary, were used in the first successful transplant of a regenerated trachea in the United States. The recipient of the implant, two-year-old Hannah Genevieve Warren, is recovering at Children’s Hospital of Illinois, where the surgery was performed. The surgery was also the world’s first successful pediatric regenerated trachea transplant using a synthetic scaffold. [Harvard Bioscience, Inc.] Press Release

ViaCord® to Advance Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy Research through Collaboration with the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®
ViaCord, PerkinElmer’s family cord blood and tissue preservation business, is collaborating with the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research to collect, maintain and publish research from ViaCord’s cord blood stem cell transplants. This collaboration will expand knowledge of cord blood-derived stem cell applications throughout the medical and research community. [PerkinElmer Inc.] Press Release

Oxford BioMedica Announces Lentiviral Vector Development and Manufacturing Collaboration
Oxford BioMedica plc announced that it has signed an agreement with Novartis to manufacture clinical grade material utilizing Oxford BioMedica’s LentiVector® gene delivery technology. [Oxford BioMedica plc]
Press Release

BioLife Solutions Announces License Agreement: Custom Formulation of CryoStor® Cell Freeze Media Used in Clinical Trial of Cell Therapy
BioLife Solutions, Inc. announced that it has licensed specific areas of its intellectual property to Janssen Research & Development, LLC. [BioLife Solutions, Inc.] Press Release

New Gene Therapy Could Treat Devastating Heart Failure
Researchers at Imperial College London have begun the first UK clinical trials of a gene therapy for heart failure. The therapy is designed to increase the levels of SERCA2a protein in heart muscle cells by using a harmless virus to insert extra genes into the cells. [Imperial College London] Press Release

RNL BIO Co. Ltd. Files IND to Commence Phase II Clinical Trial of RNL-JointStem for Osteoarthritis in the United States
RNL BIO announced that it has filed an Investigational New Drug application (IND) with the Food and Drug Administration to begin clinical trials with its adipose-derived stem cell product, termed RNL-JointStem, for the treatment of osteoarthritis. [PR Newswire Association LLC] Press Release

RepliCel Announces New Tendon Repair Technology Based on Its Hair Follicle Cellular Expertise
RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced that it is initiating the clinical development of a new autologous cell therapy for the treatment of a variety of chronic tendon injuries including Achilles, patellar and elbow. [RepliCel Life Sciences Inc.] Press Release


Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings (FR Doc No: 2013-10572)

Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings (FR Doc No: 2013-10571)

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering; Notice of Closed Meetings (FR Doc No: 2013-10340)

National Cancer Institute; Notice of Closed Meetings (FR Doc No: 2013-10574)


Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia)

Australian Therapeutic Goods Advisory Council

Australian Therapeutic Goods Advisory Council Meeting Statement, Meeting 2, 5 February 2013


NEW The Jackson Laboratory: Genetic Engineering Unlocked – Cre-lox and Beyond
May 9, 1:00PM (ET in US)

NEW International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR): Stem Cells in Translation
September 15-18, 2013
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NEW International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR): Stem Cells in Science & Medicine
October 14-17, 2013
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January 28-29, 2014
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