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Cell Therapy News 10.28, July 27, 2009.
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Top Stories

Chinese Scientists Reprogram Cells to Create Mice: Two teams of Chinese researchers working separately have reprogrammed mature skin cells of mice to an embryonic-like state and used the resulting cells to create live mouse offspring. [Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing]


New: Mammary Epithelial Cell Colony Interactive Tutorial

– Zoom-in and zoom out of bi-potent colonies to view details
– Highlight luminal and basal structures in 3D morphogenesis structures

Try the tutorial now 

Skin-like Tissue Developed from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Researchers have harnessed the pluripotency of human embryonic stem cells to generate complex, multilayer tissues that mimic human skin and the oral mucosa. [Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston]

Leukemia Cells Evade Immune System by Mimicking Normal Cells
Human leukemia stem cells escape detection by co-opting a protective molecular badge used by normal blood stem cells to migrate safely within the body, according to a pair of recent studies. [Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford]

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Repair Heart
In a proof-of-concept study, Mayo Clinic investigators have demonstrated that induced pluripotent stem cells can be used to treat heart disease. [Mayo Clinic, Rochester]

Stem Cells Used for ‘Biological Pacemaker’
Stem cells from a type of human fat tissue may one day be able to reverse the electrical problems in the heart that pacemakers now correct, Japanese scientists report. [Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine in Chiba, Chiba]

VIDEO: MarrowMiner Digs Out More Marrow Using Fewer Holes
Daniel Kraft from the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine invented a device to make bone marrow harvesting in donors a less invasive and less stressful process on the body. [Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford]

Study Provides Documentation That Tumor “Stem-like Cells” Exist in Benign Tumors
Researchers have recently isolated stem-like cells in benign (pituitary) tumors and used these “mother” cells to generate new tumors in laboratory mice. [Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute, Los Angeles]

Sigma-Aldrich Technology Used to Modify Rats
Recently researchers describe the application of “zinc finger nuclease technology” to generate rats with permanent, heritable gene mutations, paving the way for the development of genetically modified animal models of human disease. [Sigma Aldrich, St. Louis]

Healthy Neurons Transplanted into Patients with Huntington’s Disease Also Develop Disease-like Pathology
A recent study provides the first demonstration that transplanted cells fail to offer a long-term replacement for degenerating neurons in patients with Huntington’s disease. [Université Laval, Quebec City]

Living Cell Technologies Enrolls Patients into New Zealand Diabetes Clinical Trial
Living Cell Technologies recently announced that the trial of its encapsulated pig islet cell product for insulin dependent diabetes, DIABECELL(R), has commenced following authorization by the New Zealand Minister of Health. [Living Cell Technologies, Auckland]

Cardiac Stem Cell Patient Introduced
Doctors with the University of Louisville and officials with Jewish Hospital Friday introduced the recipient of one of the world’s first adult cardiac stem cell infusion to treat congestive heart failure. [University of Louisville, Louisville]

Students Embed Stem Cells in Sutures to Enhance Healing
Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering students have demonstrated a practical way to embed a patient’s own adult stem cells in the surgical thread that doctors use to repair serious orthopedic injuries such as ruptured tendons. [Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore]


A Three-dimensional Gel Bioreactor for Assessment of Cardiomyocyte Induction in Skeletal Muscle Derived Stem Cells
This study developed a 3-dimensional cardiac gel bioreactor, which induces a working CM phenotype from muscle derived stem cells and the contractile properties are directly measured as an engineered cardiac tissue. [Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods]

Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation Is Able to Induce Long-Term Remissions in Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma
The purpose of this study was to analyze the long-term outcome in terms of nonrelapse mortality, relapse rate, progression-free survival, and overall survival in patients with angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma treated with allogeneic stem-cell transplantation. [Journal of Clinical Oncology]

BMP Signaling Pathway is Required for Commitment of C3H10T1/2 Pluripotent Stem Cells to the Adipocyte Lineage
In this article, the researchers show that both bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)2 and BMP4 can induce commitment of C3H10T1/2 pluripotent stem cells into adipocytes. [Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences]

Repair of Acute Myocardial Infarction with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Induced by Human Stemness Factors
In this study, fibroblasts transduced with human stemness factors OCT3/4, SOX2, KLF4, and c-MYC converted into an embryonic stem cell-like phenotype and demonstrated the ability to spontaneously assimilate into preimplantation host morula via diploid aggregation, unique to bona fide pluripotent cells. [Circulation]

Murine “Cardiospheres” Are Not a Source of Stem Cells with Cardiomyogenic Potential
Recent studies have reported that clonogenic putative cardiac stem cells with cardiomyogenic potential migrate from heart tissue biopsies during ex vivo culture, and that these CSCs self-organize into spontaneously beating cardiospheres, but this study has found the contrary. [Stem Cells]

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Maryland Slashes Stem Cell Budget by Another $3M in Plan to Trim $700M Budget Deficit
Maryland will cut its stem-cell budget for the fourth time in the past 15 months, as well as eliminate nine positions at its economic development agency, in the first phase of a cost-cutting plan approved Wednesday by Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Canadian Government Reviewing Loan-Program Request For Biotechs
The Canadian government is reviewing a proposal from an organization representing the country’s biotech companies to help keep the industry afloat until the economy turns around.

Shake Up in Australian Stem Cell Research
As a part of the reshuffle, the ASSC has introduced four new foci for its efforts, called ‘Collaborative Streams’, which bundle together various research modules under an overarching theme.

Church Weighs In as Uruguay Debates Stem Cells
As Uruguayan Parliament considers going forward with embryonic stem cell research, the bishops of that nation are reiterating that an embryo is a human being with rights.


Connexon Creative Launches Cord Blood News
Cord Blood News is a weekly e-newsletter that keeps members of the cord blood community informed by providing the latest news from all areas of the field, including its science, research, policy, and business.

miRagen and Archemix to Collaborate on Conjugated Aptamer-microRNA Therapeutics
miRagen Therapeutics, Inc. and Archemix Corp. announced recently that the two companies will collaborate on conjugated aptamer-microRNA therapies capable of intracellular delivery and subsequent microRNA targeting. [miRagen Therapeutics, Boulder]

Junying Yu, Leading Stem Cell Researcher, Joins Cellular Dynamics International
Cellular Dynamics International announced today the appointment of Junying Yu, Ph.D., as senior research fellow. [Cellular Dynamics International, Madison]

Mesoblast to Apply For Regulatory Approval Of Its Bone Fracture Repair Products
Mesoblast Limited recently announced that it had commenced a formal process aimed at obtaining licenses from the Therapeutic Goods Administration to commercially manufacture and distribute its adult stem cell products in Australia. [Mesoblast, Melbourne]


Recovery Act Funding Supports 23 Fellowships for Early Career Scientists

NIH Enhances Process of Notice of Award (NoA) Email Notifications (NOT-OD-09-127)

Limited Competition: Support for Human Specimen Banking in NCI-Supported Clinical Trials – Cooperative Group Banks (CGB) (U24) (RFA-CA-09-504)


Direct Recall Classification Program (Blood and Plasma)



Agency Information Collection Activities; Announcement of Office of Management and Budget Approval; Guidance for Clinical Trial Sponsors: Establishment and Operation of Clinical Trial Data Monitoring Committees


Commission on Human Medicines Summary Minutes

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