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Cell Therapy News 10.26, July 31, 2009.
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Top Stories

Human Sperm Created from Embryonic Stem Cells: Human sperm have been created using embryonic stem cells for the first time in a scientific development which will lead researchers to a better understanding of the causes of infertility. (Newcastle University, Newcastle)


Complimentary Wallchart: Guide to Hematopoietic Colonies Derived from Human Cord Blood Progenitors
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Cellular Dynamics International Reprograms Blood Cells into Stem Cells
Researchers at Cellular Dynamics International report the ability to generate pluripotent stem cells, from very small volumes of ordinary human blood samples. (Cellular Dynamics, Madison)

Geron Scientists and Collaborators Publish Data Showing Functional Dendritic Cells Can Be Derived From HESCs Using Scalable Production Methods
Geron Corporation recently announced the publication of data demonstrating that dendritic cells scalably manufactured from human embryonic stem cells exhibit the normal functions of naturally occurring human DCs found in the bloodstream. (Geron, Menlo Park)

Stem Cells’ “Suspended” State Preserved by Key Step
Scientists have identified a gene that is essential for embryonic stem cells to maintain their all-purpose, pluripotent state. (University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco)

Max Planck Researchers have Succeeded in Reprogramming Clearly Defined Adult Cells into Pluripotent Stem Cells, Directly and Without Viruses
Researchers have succeeded for the first time in culturing a clearly defined cell type from the testis of adult mice and converting these cells into pluripotent stem cells without introduced genes, viruses or reprogramming proteins. (Max Planck Institute, Munich)

Research may Hold Key to Maintaining Embryonic Stem Cells in Lab
In a new study, scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center have discovered why mouse embryonic stem cells can be easily grown in a laboratory while other mammalian ES cells are difficult, if not impossible, to maintain. (UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas)

Research Shows Viability of Purification of Near-pure Cell Populations and Improved Cell Survival After Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting
New data presented at the International Society for Stem Cell Research 7th Annual Meeting highlights data further validating the viability of tools used for separating near-pure populations of stem cell-derived neurons from undifferentiated stem cells. (BD Biosciences, San Diego)

Living Cell Technologies’ Encapsulated Choroid Plexus Cells May Be Used To Treat Hearing Loss
Living Cell Technologies Limited recently reports that its encapsulated choroid plexus cells (NeurotrophinCell, NTCell) were shown to protect nerve cells in the inner ear from degeneration in studies done with the Bionic Ear Institute. (Living Cell Technologies Limited, Melbourne)

ReNeuron Announces Publication of Data on Mechanism of Action of Lead CTX Stem Cell Line
ReNeuron Group plc recently announced the publication in Stem Cells and Development 1 of pre-clinical data concerning the potential mechanism of action of ReNeuron’s lead CTX neural stem cell line in stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. (ReNeuron, Surrey, United Kingdom)

Pluristem Therapeutics Announces First Patient Enrollment in Phase I Clinical Trial for Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease with PLX-PAD
Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. announced recently that the first patient has been enrolled in a Phase I clinical trial of the Company’s allogeneic placental-derived adherent stromal cell product, termed PLX-PAD. (Pluristem, Haifa, Israel)

St. Francis Surgeon Uses Tissue Regeneration Technology to Rebuild Patients’ Heart Structures
A surgeon at the St. Francis Heart Center is using the CorMatrix Extracellular Matrix(TM) to modify and repair cardiac structures, allowing heart tissue to re-grow inside the beating hearts of heart surgery patients. (St. Francis Heart Center, Indianapolis)

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Expands With U.S. Funds
The final guidelines released today by the National Institutes of Health increase the number of stem cell lines available for research from 20 to more than 700.

Women Should Be Paid for Eggs: Academic
Women in Australia who allow their eggs to be harvested for embryonic stem cell research should be paid for the procedure, an academic says.


Connexon Creative Launches Cord Blood News
Cord Blood News is a weekly e-newsletter that keeps members of the cord blood community informed by providing the latest news from all areas of the field, including its science, research, policy, and business.

Regenerative Medicine Group Launches in D.C.
Universities, life sciences companies, health care investors and patient advocates have banded together to inform policy makers, the media and the public about regenerative medicine.

Pfizer Drops Planned Biotech Research Center
New York drug giant Pfizer has pulled the plug on plans to open a biotech research center near UCSF’s Mission Bay Campus, a move that deals a blow to San Francisco’s hope of becoming a major biotechnology hub.

iZumi Bio and Pierian Merge to Form iPierian to Advance Cellular Reprogramming
iZumi Bio, Inc. and Pierian, Inc. recently announced they have merged to form a new company, iPierian, Inc. Building on the iZumi infrastructure and vision, the company is focused on the application of cellular reprogramming to change the paradigm of drug discovery.

Start-Ups Say Innovation Doesn’t Grow on Trees
When nearly $10 billion in stimulus funds went to the NIH this year, a last-minute change in the legislation exempted the agency from setting aside 2.8 percent of its research budget for small businesses and the commercialization of technologies developed at universities.

Cord Blood America Secured $7.5 Million Investment For Series A Preferred Stock
Cord Blood America, Inc. said recently that it has entered into a definitive agreement with a health care fund under which Cord Blood America has secured a $7.5 million investment capital commitment.

First cGMP Feeder-independent Pluripotent Stem Cell Banks Released for Distribution
The WiCell Research Institute and the Waisman Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility announced recently the release of the first current Good Manufacturing Practices feeder-independent pluripotent stem cell banks available for sale and distribution to researchers worldwide.

Applied Biosystems Unveils New Real-Time PCR Assays That Quantify Proteins in Human Cells
Applied Biosystems recently announced the introduction of a new line of TaqMan(R)  real-time PCR assays that enable researchers to rapidly detect and quantify proteins in human cell samples.

Biotech Drug Copies Could Be Held Up 13 Years Under Senate Plan
Biotechnology drugs made by Amgen Inc. and Biogen Idec Inc. couldn’t be copied and sold for lower prices for 13 1/2 years after they’re marketed, or twice the time urged by President Barack Obama, under a Senate proposal.

Stem Cell Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Patents in India
Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. has been issued two patents in India: Indian Patent No. 229684 entitled, “Combined Regulation of Neural Cell Production” and Indian Patent No. 229924 entitled, “A Composition for Increasing Neural Stem Cell Number and In Vitro Method of Using the Same”.


NIH Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research (NOT-OD-09-116)

Amendment: Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards for Individual Predoctoral Fellowships (F31) to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research (PA-09-209) (NOT-OD-09-117)

Recovery Act of 2009: Revised NIH Award Terms Available (NOT-OD-09-120)

Notice of Intent to Publish a Request for Applications (RFA) for the 2010 NIH Directors Pioneer Award Program (DP1) (NOT-RM-09-014)

Notice of Intent to Publish a Request for Applications (RFA) for the 2010 NIH Directors New Innovator Award Program (DP2) (NOT-RM-09-015)

Pick to Lead Health Agency Draws Praise and Some Concern
President Obama on Wednesday nominated Dr. Francis S. Collins, a pioneering geneticist who led the government’s successful effort to sequence the human genome, as head of the National Institutes of Health.


Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Announcement



Blood Products Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting

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