Volume 10.21 | Jun 8

Cell Therapy News 10.21, June 8, 2009
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Combined Stem Cell-gene Therapy Approach Cures Human Genetic Disease in Vitro: A study led by researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, has catapulted the field of regenerative medicine significantly forward, proving in principle that a human genetic disease can be cured using a combination of gene therapy and induced pluripotent stem cell technology.


Complimentary Wallchart: Guide to Hematopoietic Colonies Derived from Human Cord Blood Progenitors
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Most Common Brain Cancer May Originate in Neural Stem Cells
University of Michigan scientists have found that a deficiency in a key tumor suppressor gene in the brain leads to the most common type of adult brain cancer.

Harnessing the Brain’s Own Ability for Repair
Neuroscientists at Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research have shown that nerve cells in the brain produce an anti-inflammatory molecule that allows the brain to repair itself.

Researchers Link Pathway to Breast Cancer Stem Cells
The researchers found that several pathways linked to the gene, called PTEN, also affected the growth of breast cancer stem cells.

Ottawa Scientists Discover New Way to Enhance Stem Cells to Stimulate Muscle Regeneration
Their research shows for the first time that a protein called Wnt7a increases the number of stem cells in muscle tissue, leading to accelerated growth and repair of skeletal muscle.

Chinese Researchers Find Way to Make Pig Stem Cells
Researchers have found a way to transform ordinary cells from pigs into powerful stem cells in a move that may have implications for human health.

Fruit Fly Stem Cells Filmed Live
Recently, asymmetric cell division was filmed in vivo in fruit fly germinal stem cells for the first time by researchers.


Generation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by Direct Delivery of Reprogramming Proteins
This study reports the generation of stable iPSCs from human fibroblasts by directly delivering four reprogramming proteins (Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc) fused with a cell-penetrating peptide. (Cell Stem Cell)

Metastable Pluripotent States in NOD-Mouse-Derived ESCs
Here the researchers characterize pluripotent states in the non-obese diabetic mouse strain, which prior to this study was considered non-permissive for ESC derivation. (Cell Stem Cell)

Elsevier Tweaks Custom Pub Rules
Publishing company Elsevier is revising its policies and procedures for partnering with pharmaceutical companies to create custom publications in response to recent media attention over a fake journal created by the company and paid for by Merck.

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California Stem Cell Chief Seeks Trials in Four Years
California’s $3 billion stem-cell funding agency wants to get 10 to 12 new therapies into human testing within four years, said the agency’s president, Alan Trounson.

Geron’s Okarma Urges Obama to Set Up Stem Cell Panel
President Barack Obama should appoint a commission on stem cell research to help the therapy fulfill its promise to save lives and reduce medical costs, Geron Corp. Chief Executive Officer Tom Okarma said.


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Harvest Technologies GmbH Appoints LifeCell International to Introduce its BMAC Technology to India
Harvest Technologies recently announced a sale and marketing relationship with LifeCell International to bring its technology the Indian market

Five Cord Blood Transplant Centers in Spain Join Study
The trial is assessing the safety and efficacy of StemEx as a treatment for hematological malignancies, including leukemia and lymphoma, in a single arm, global, pivotal marketing authorization trial.

Troubled Biotech, Intercytex Could be Thrown a Lifeline from Pfizer
The global pharmaceutical giant is growing its new regenerative medicine base in Cambridge and market analysts believe it has emerged as the strongest candidate from a number of suitors to save Intercytex.

TAP’s First Project to Automate Manufacture of 3D Tissue Constructs
The Automation Partnership collaborates with the University College London for the development phase of human 3D corneal constructs.

StemCells Inc. to Shut Down Stem Cell Sciences Australia and Reduce Overhead
Biotechnology company StemCells Inc, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, will close the Stem Cell Sciences Australia facility in an effort to streamline its operations and reduce overhead.

Celsense, Inc Receives NIH Grant to Translate Cell Imaging Technology for Clinical Use
The Cell Sense technology makes transplanted cells visible by MRI. Therapeutic cells are labeled ex vivo with the Cell Sense reagent prior to administration to the patient.

Top Stem Cell Scientist Svendsen Leaving UW-Madison for California
Highly regarded UW-Madison stem cell researcher Clive Svendsen is heading to Los Angeles to become director of the new Cedars-Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute.

Neuralstem Receives Patent Allowance for Compounds That Promote Neurogenesis
Neuralstem, Inc. announced recently it received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent on four new chemical entities that boost the generation of new neurons.


Despite Strings, NIH Will Focus Money on Science
Although $10.4 billion allocated to the National Institutes of Health in the economic stimulus bill is aimed at creating jobs, a top official said the agency will still fund projects based on their science, rather than their economic impact.


Food and Drug Administration Transparency Task Force; Public Meeting



Drug Agency May Reveal More Data on Actions
The Obama administration plans to announce on Tuesday that it is setting up a task force within the agency to recommend ways to reveal more information about F.D.A. decisions, possibly including the disclosure of now secret data about drugs and devices under study.

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