Volume 7.46 | Nov 27

Volume 7.46, November 27, 2006
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Top Stories

Researchers Identify Master Cardiac Stem Cell: Three US research groups claim that they can produce stem cells that give rise to different tissues found in the mammalian heart.


Another Boost For Stem Cell Research
University of New South Wales academics have proven that tumours can be prevented from forming when embryonic stem cells are transplanted.

Cancer Stem Cells Source of Some Colon Tumors
Two recent studies involving laboratory mice indicate colon cancer stem cells may be the source of colon cancer tumors.

Investigators Discover Modified Growth Control in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Two papers published by University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Cell Biology and Cancer Center investigators report striking changes in control of growth in human embryonic stem cells.

Researchers Making Vaccine from Brain Tumour
A neurosurgeon from the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center has helped create made-to-measure vaccines using a person’s surgically removed tumour, and he’s started testing the concept in a small group of patients.

Data From Investigator-Sponsored Trial of Oncophage(R) Cancer Vaccine in Glioma Presented at Immunotherapy Task Force Meeting at the Society of Neuro-Oncology’s Annual Meeting
Preliminary results from the first cohort of six patients in the study showed that Oncophage vaccination was associated with tumor-specific immune response in six treated patients with recurrent, high-grade glioma.

Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against Hereditary Lung Disease
An experimental gene therapy to combat alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a common hereditary disorder that causes lung and liver disease, has caused no harmful effects in patients and shows signs of being effective.

Scientists Regenerate Wing In Chick Embryo
A research team at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has been able to regenerate a wing in a chick embryo – a species not known to be able to regrow limbs – suggesting that the potential for such regeneration exists innately in all vertebrates, including humans.

Journal Clarifies Stem Cell Report
The scientific journal Nature today issued a clarification of a recent report that human embryonic stem cells could be derived without harm to the embryo, but the journal affirmed the report’s scientific validity.

Hwang Hopes to Resume Human Stem Cell Cloning
The government revoked his license for such work, but Hwang is preparing for the future by building a large research facility in Yongin, about 50 kilometers south of Seoul.


The Glimmering Promise of Gene Therapy
An examination of gene therapy: Past, present and future


State and Philanthropies Clear Loans to California Stem Cell Institute
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine received the final clearance from the state government for a $150 million loan so it can fund stem cell research.The institute also received a $31 million loan from nine philanthropic sources, giving it $181 million in loans to allow research grants, while the $3 billion publicly voted funds are tied up in court suits.

Three Democratic Lawmakers Balk at Stem Cell Policies
In what one lawmaker says could signal gridlock on stem cell research in the upcoming legislative session, three Democrats have refused to sign a House committee report that they say doesn’t offer a “scientifically accurate” view.

Iran in the Forefront When it Comes to Stem Cell Research
When it comes to stem cell research, Iran is cutting edge. Iran has some of the most liberal laws on stem cell research. Scientists say the clergy here define life as beginning three months after conception, which gives scientists access to human embryonic stem cells left over from fertilization trials.


ReNeuron and Millipore Announce Market Launch of ReNcell(TM) Neural Stem Cell Lines
These products are the only immortalised human somatic neural stem cell lines on the market today.

CyGenics Signs Collaboration Agreement with the Blood Centre of Zhejiang Province
Leading heathcare company CyGenics Ltd has signed an agreement with the Blood Centre of Zhejiang Province (ZBC) in China for development work generating human T cells outside the body for the treatment of HIV, using CyGenics’ proprietary cellular growth technology.

NeoStem, Inc. Appoints Innovative Leader In Competitive Business Procurement And Management To The Company’s Board Of Directors
NeoStem, Inc has announced that it has appointed Douglas W. Losordo, MD, a prominent authority in cardiology and emerging stem cell therapies, to the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board.


Pancreatic Development and Regeneration: Toward Cellular Therapies for Diabetes (R01) (PA-07-056)

Establishment of Multiple Principal Investigator Awards for the Support of Team Science Projects (NOT-OD-07-017)

Non-Invasive Methods for Diagnosis and Progression of Diabetes, Kidney, Urological, Hematological and Digestive Diseases (R01) (PA-07-025)

Developmental Biology and Regeneration of the Liver (R01) (PA-07-026)

Right Heart Function in Health and Chronic Lung Diseases: (R01) (PA-07-043)

Research Project Grant (Parent R01) (PA-07-070)


CPG 7342.001: Chapter 42 – Blood and Blood Products – Inspection of Licensed and Unlicensed Blood Banks, Brokers, Reference Laboratories, and Contractors – Update of Military Contacts

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Electronic Submission of Regulatory Information, and Creating an Electronic Platform for Enhanced Information Management; Public Hearing


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